Picture of OCRvision 5.1 For Windows
OCRvision is a searchable PDF software to automate PDF text recognition. Turn your scanned documents into searchable digital files. OCRvision is an intelligent optical character recognition software for your business to convert your scanned images into searchable PDF format. Convert image to readable PDF file. Convert scanned PDF to readable, accessible file and make PDF text searchable. Automate scanned pdf OCR by configuring any folder in your computer as a magic folder (also known as a hot folder or watched folder).OCRvision searches your magic folder for any scanned files(PDF and images), OCR them, and bulk convert to searchable PDF, by either replacing the originals files or creating a new searchable PDF and move the original file to the archiving folder. Optical character recognition runs in the background to make sure your new files are ready for keyword searching. OCRvision can also work in tandem with your network scanner to convert it's scanned output files to fully searchable,archive-quality PDF if you configure the network scanner output folder as a magic folder. OCRvision is free for personal use. You need to buy a licence if you are planning to use this software for commercial purpose.
$65.10 (USD)

Convert unsearchable pdf to searchable. If your organization have lots of old scanned documents sitting unsearchable on your file system, it's time to bring them back into use and make them accessible again. OCRvision runs the optical character recognition and searchable pdf conversion in the background, no supervision required.

You can automate the searchable pdf conversion so that all your scanned document content appear in the file search results. A magic folder (also known as a hot folder or watched folder) is a folder on your computer which is constantly watched in the background by the OCRvision software. When OCRvision sees a new scanned file in this folder, it starts converting the document into searchable pdf. 

You can configure whether you want to replace the original scanned document with searchable pdf, or you want to give it a predefined name(which you can configure in the software). After the OCR process, you can set the workflow to move the original scanned document into another folder. OCRvision is a smart software solution that runs in the background, taking care of bulk searchable pdf conversion process without any intervention.

OCRvision gives a report file and a log file which can be useful for the system admin.

You can set the OCRvision to run in the background in 3 modes. 

  • Real-time
  • Scheduled mode 
  • Sleep mode

You can schedule large volumes of scanned files for batch processing from folders. It can significantly reduce the amount of time your team spent in manually searching files, means lower operational costs.