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OCRvision is a searchable PDF OCR software with multi-language support that monitors predefined folders and automatically converts any new image files or scanned PDFs into text searchable PDFs. You need to buy a one-off license if you are planning to use this software for commercial purpose. Our software license is a one-time purchase. No annual subscription required. You can install OCRvision and use this license on any computer in your organisation. Permanent license with no expiration.

$836.35 (USD)


OCRvision OCR process workflow


OCR converter application for Windows

OCRvision is the best OCR software application for your PC. An offline auto OCR software tool for Windows, that can help you to batch OCR an entire folder of PDFs and convert those scanned PDFs to OCR PDFs. You can automate the scanned PDF OCR Process by configuring any folder in your computer as a magic folder (also known as a hot folder or watched folder).

OCR convert PDF to searchable PDF

OCRvision is an OCR automation software. Our OCR software searches your magic folder for any newly scanned files (PDFs and images), OCR them, and bulk convert them to searchable PDFs, by either replacing the originals files or creating a new searchable PDF and move the original file to the archiving folder.

Optical character recognition runs in the background to make sure your new files are ready for keyword searching.

OCRvision searchable PDF converter can also work in tandem with your network scanner to convert its scanned output files to fully searchable,archive-quality PDFs if you configure the network scanner output folder as a magic folder.

OCRvision OCR technology software supports E13B MICR font OCR detection and conversion to searchable PDFs. It will be helpful to OCR financial documents like cheques and other vouchers.





  • An OCR (optical character recognition) software with multi-language support that converts your scanned PDF into a searchable PDF file. 
  • An easy-to-use OCR software that runs in the background and makes your scanned PDFs searchable without any manual intervention.
  • An OCR tool and a searchable PDF automation OCR program for your scanned files that are coming from a network scanner or sitting in an existing file system.
  • An OCR software for Windows to convert PDF to searchable PDF.



  • convert PDF to searchable PDF.
  • Make your scanned documents searchable without any human intervention.
  • Batch OCR processing and batch OCR PDF files.
  • OCR scanned PDFs and image files and convert them to searchable PDFs.
  • Do OCR in multiple languages.
  • OCR E13B MICR fonts in cheques and other financial documents
  • OCR converts existing business-critical files, like old scans, faxes, and Office documents into full-text searchable PDF files.
  • Work in tandem with your network scanner to do OCR on any scanned file.
  • Do batch(bulk) OCR multiple scanned PDF files in the background without any manual step involved.
  • Schedule searchable PDF OCR conversion process to run during a specific time of the day or have it constantly watch certain folders for newly scanned documents or image files.



  • Our software can detect multiple languages within a single scanned PDF document or image.



  • Companies and industries which are document-centric like government departments, legal services, financial services, and technology companies.
  • Companies that provide scanning services for other companies.
  • Personal customers who use scanned documents on a day-to-day basis.
  • Libraries, government, or non-profit agencies that collect, preserve, and encourage public or academic access to historical documents.




WHY OCRvision? 

OCRvision OCR PDF software for Windows makes it easier to convert image-based scanned PDFs to searchable PDFs. Our OCR pdf converter has a feature called a magic folder. You can configure any folder in your system as a magic folder. so when a user places a scanned PDF in the magic folder, OCRvision detects the text in that document and converts that file to a searchable pdf using cutting-edge OCR technology. It makes the image or scanned pdf searchable. The advantage of the searchable pdf is that you can copy text or search for text just like any other document. The biggest advantage of them all is the scanned document content now starts appearing in your file search results.


OCRvision offers a complete automated OCR system that runs in the background. Forget about manually detecting text in your scanned document and manually converting image-based documents to searchable PDFs.

 Multi-Language support

OCRvision can handle documents with multiple languages in them.

MICR font support

OCRvision can detect and OCR the MICR line of a cheque with E13B MICR font.

Digital Transformation

Work towards your goal of a paperless office. With our smart OCR technology, you can incorporate scanned documents with search capability into your smart digital workplace