Benefits of using searchable PDFs in the Insurance Industry

Monday, August 3, 2020

Searchable PDF software for insurance industry

Insurance companies deal with lots of image documents which can be a scanned PDF or email attachment in JPEG or PNG format. These image-based documents need to be processed and indexed on a regular basis. Traditionally insurance companies used to scan paper documents into PDF format and do manual indexing. This was done by manually tagging images with keywords in their document management system (DMS). This manual data entry was done by a person who analyses the document and manually types in keywords and creates a time-stamped folder structure. This method was highly inefficient, inconsistent, and time-consuming. This manual indexing may work for a small or medium company, but it can cause some delays in the workflow and immediate resolution of a claim for a big organization that is receiving thousands of documents daily.


How can OCRvision ocr software help to improve the productivity of an insurance company

Using a good Optical Character Recognition software , a typed or printed image is converted into a searchable text format which can be copied and indexed. In the case of OCRvision a scanned text image is converted into a searchable PDF format, i.e. an invisible text layer is added on top of the image.

OCRvision pdf ocr software has a feature called a magic folder. A magic folder is any watched OCR folder in your computer or a network location. Any scanned file in this magic folder is automatically converted into a searchable PDF. OCRvision works in the background and converts any newly added document to a searchable digital file. It does ocr files in folder by adding an invisible layer of text on top of the image file. This text layer can be searched and indexed for faster information retrieval.

So, an insurance company can automate the digital conversion of scanned PDFs to searchable PDFs using OCRvision. This batch ocr pdf will improve data visibility and increase the productivity of the employees.

 Please download OCR software from our home page

The business decision in any company is based on the information available. Insurance companies generally invest lots of money in document management systems. But without a good OCR software in place, they are not 100% utilizing the information available. Yes, I am talking about the information trapped inside scanned documents. This black box of data doesn’t have a text layer that can be indexed and searched by the search algorithm used by your document management system. So, this means you are not utilizing 100% of the information while you are making a business decision. This black box of data is a waste of resources. Although you have invested big money and time in an awesome DMS, your employees are still taking hours in manually searching for some information which can’t be found.

Using OCRvision you can convert all your scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs. OCRvision runs in the background and does the OCR conversion. An effective OCR software can improve the accuracy of predictions and business decisions. Using OCRvision, companies can convert large volumes of legacy documents into searchable PDFs. These searchable PDFs can be analyzed, and it can help the company to make faster and better decisions.



OCRvision is the best ocr software which can help insurance companies to transform their black box of scanned data into searchable information. Using OCRvsion you can do automatic searchable PDF conversion and it can improve the efficiency and the productivity of an insurance company.

Medical and health care OCR : How a searchable PDF can significantly improve efficiency.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Medical and health care professionals all over the world receive hundreds of scanned documents every day. These documents come from different sources like medical reports, test results from the laboratory, medical claims, and other patient correspondence. Unfortunately, there is no Ctrl+F or cmd+F functionality available to these documents. They are plain images or images embedded in PDF. Since these documents are unsearchable, if a medical staff wants to provide a piece of information, they must read through the scanned medical documents page by page and find the piece of information. Sometimes it can be tedious and frustrating. As an organization, you may have a very good document management system that has an excellent search functionality with document indexing and all, but your scanned documents are still not visible to this document search algorithm.

Patient Medical Record

So, you have a problem here which is affecting the efficiency of your document data retrieval. How do you solve this very common problem? The solution to this is the technology called “Optical character recognition” or OCR.  A good OCR software recognises the text in a scanned image and converts it into a searchable PDF. So, in simple terms, OCR is the conversion of a photo of a text (Eg:- scanned file)  into machine-encoded text, (Searchable PDF). Check this blog post if you want to know more about searchable PDFs.

How can OCRvision PDF OCR software help an organization in the medical industry?

OCRvision is an OCR software with multilanguage support. OCRvision runs in the background and converts any scanned documents to searchable PDFs. So, our OCR software helps you to auto-OCR and batch convert your scanned files to searchable digital files.

So by applying OCR, your printed documents can be stored as searchable files. If you have an existing patient data management software, these searchable PDFs can be linked to the EHR or electronic patient health record. So after this process, the document can easily be accessed at any time via keywords. You can even create a medical archive of scanned patient data with a searchable index. Another improvement is the way you electronically exchange the document. When you send a searchable PDF as an email attachment, the text layer in that OCR PDF is searchable in the receiver’s mailbox.  The main and significant difference before and after searchable PDF conversion is that 100% of your patient information is now visible after searchable PDF conversion.


In the medical and healthcare industry, it is a good practice to download the best OCR software and convert all your scanned documents to searchable PDFs. OCR automation using an OCR PDF software can significantly improve the performance of your team and patient data retrieval.


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Why every document management system needs OCR

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nowadays lots of organisations are encouraging the concept of a paperless office. They are scanning their old paper documents into scanned pdf or scanned image format and uploading to their new digital system. Once the paper documents and records are scanned and transferred to their new DMS or ECM systems, these organisations face a very common problem. 

pile of scanned documents

Now they are ended up with thousands of image or scanned PDF files which take up lots of digital storage space, these new documents can’t be searched, or they don’t allow copying of text. The information trapped in these digital systems is like a big unknown black box. How can they solve this new problem in data discovery? The magic word for the solution is “OCR” or optical character recognition. Install an OCR PDF software and apply OCR on the files in your document management system.  OCR software converts your scanned documents to a searchable digital format. His new digital format is called “Searchable PDF”. Searchable PDF is an enhanced version of your scanned PDF.

OCRvision OCR software flow diagram

Diagram : How optical character recognition works with OCRvision OCR software

good OCR software like OCRvision runs OCR against the scanned file, detect and recognize the text content, add a hidden text layer on top of the scanned image. This image and hidden text layer are merged together to form a “sandwich PDF” file otherwise commonly known as a searchable PDF. So, by applying this searchable PDF conversion to the scanned files in your document management system, you are making them searchable. Now it is easy to search through the scanned files to find the one document you need and then search within the scanned document itself. After applying OCR and converting scanned files into text content, you may also notice that it is much easier to copy a block of text from this new searchable PDF.

PDF OCR SOftware: How can I add OCR functionality to my document management system?

One of our OCR software users, “ACME Inc” (not the real name) has more than 5 years of scanned contract documents in their DMS and sometimes they want these contracts to be amended and re-signed. Previously they have employed casual workers to re-type the entire contract again by looking into the printout of scanned documents. With our OCR software, they automated the conversion of old scanned contracts. After OCR, they can copy and paste the text from the searchable PDFs and create new updated contracts without having to re-type all text content.

So if you want to add OCR functionality to your DMS, install OCRvision in the machine and configure your documents folder as a magic folder. OCRvision will run in the background and automatically convert all scanned documents to searchable PDFs. Please download the best OCR software like OCRvision and unleash the power of OCR automation into your organisation. 

Litigation support & eDiscovery. How OCRvision can improve efficiency and speed for your business

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Legal cases produce large volumes of paper documents and other scanned documents which are flat images. Attorneys and litigation support persons have to manually process and search through these documents to perform successful litigation. These Large-scale documents and inconsistent filing procedures make it very difficult to access the information and, in turn, threaten the effectiveness of litigation.
Many legal professionals continue to do manual document discovery processes. Manual discovery is time-consuming and may create many problems for legal professionals.

How OCRvision auto OCR software can help you in Litigation support?

Using OCRvision, You can configure the folder which contains all of your scanned documents as a watched folder. OCRvision searchable PDF software monitors this folder for any newly scanned documents and converts this to searchable PDFs (batch OCR folder). This searchable PDF content will now start to appear in your document management system search results.

When a legal professional needs a particular case, searchable PDFs makes it easy to discover the required information. Case preparation work is more efficient and it eliminates the burden of manually surfing through heaps of scanned documents. Searchable PDFs make it easy to locate files using a specific keyword and listing relevant documents in seconds.

OCR technology serves as a solution to effectively perform the most important ediscovery tasks in legal cases with high accuracy. OCR eliminates the manual document discovery process in the legal field.

OCR and eDiscovery of documents

OCR Software provides OCR files in folder technology which significantly improves the legal document discovery process. OCRvision is an offline OCR software solution which converts scanned documents and images in different formats (TIFF, PDF or JPEG ) to searchable PDFs automatically. It performs automatic OCR of pdf files. This text recognition generates fully searchable "text under image" that can be used for archiving.

Advantages of OCR & eDiscovery

Automatic OCR using our OCRvision searchable PDF software streamline the process of litigation discovery. OCR changes the manual document discovery process and enables highly qualified and well-paid lawyers and employees to focus on the most important and critical tasks. Automatic OCR and digitization of paper-based and static documents into searchable PDFs provide a more reliable, effective and inexpensive litigation support.

What is a watched folder OCR?

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Many organisations have heaps of scanned documents in their computers, and they want to batch OCR folder and convert them to searchable PDFs. A watched folder is a folder in your computer that is monitored by a software program or service. This software is known as OCR software.

 If you take any best OCR software in the market, it only allows you to manually OCR a scanned document, or you must pay a premium fee to get this OCR folder feature. But with OCRvision you can add OCR folder watch otherwise known as a magic folder, which allows you to OCR entire folder. The process is very simple. You want to OCR a folder of pdfs and you are pre-configuring an OCR watch folder. All you have to do is open up the UI of the OCR software and click on the add button. It is your windows OCR folder. You can add any folder in your computer as an OCR folder.  You can OCR entire folder or you can configure to include the subfolders as well.  



OCRvision is an auto OCR software, which does the folder watch and converts any newly scanned image or scanned PDF to searchable PDF. OCRvision offers offline OCR service. That means when you do automatic OCR of pdf files, it is not connecting to any cloud-based service or external APIs. It is an on-prem OCR software. So, if you want to batch OCR pdf, OCRvision is the answer.

If you are interested, you can download OCR software from our website home page.

Multilingual OCR. How to do multi-language OCR on a scanned PDF document with multiple languages

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A good searchable PDF software should support Multilingual OCR. OCRvision's text recognition feature can detect a wide variety of languages and can detect multiple languages within a single scanned document. You can see the complete list of supported OCR languages here. This means you can successfully create a searchable PDF from a scanned PDF or scanned image with more than one language in it. OCRvision OCR software can be downloaded for free our website.

In order to do Multilingual OCR using OCR vision, do the following steps;

  • Open the OCRvision pdf to OCR software user interface
  • Click on the languages tab on the left-hand side (see the screenshot below)


multilngial OCR

      Fig 1: OCRvision language configuration interface  

Click on the languages you want in your multi-language OCR process and check the tick box. Once a language is enabled the text will turn blue. If you want to disable the language you can uncheck the tick box. There is a search box on the right-hand side of the interface where you can search for a particular language. 

Once you select and tick the language, it will automatically get updated and that language will be enabled for Multilingual OCR.

DONE. Now all you have to do is copy your scanned pdf document with multiple languages in the pre-configured "magic folder".

              Fig 2: OCRvision magic folder configuration interface 

 After a couple of seconds, a searchable PDF with multiple languages will be generated in the magic folder automatically. You can see the "currently processing file" which is being converted to a searchable PDF in the bottom left notification strip as in the screenshot above. As I said earlier, You don't have to do any manual button click. OCRvision OCR software pdf is a searchable PDF  OCR automation software. It will create a searchable PDF automatically

You cand download OCR software from our home page.


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Benefits of a Searchable PDF

Monday, October 28, 2019

Using a good searchable PDF software, you can convert any scanned document to a searchable digital file. This technology is called optical character recognition(OCR). If you want more details you can read this blog post on what is a searchable PDF. You can OCR a PDF and search in that document for any key phrases or words and even special symbols.

You can download OCR software for free from our website

The advantages of a Searchable PDF

Easier to search and copy

The biggest advantage of them all is that searchable PDF can save lots of your time. Suppose you have a 20 page scanned document and you want to search for a specific word such as a name or an address. Instead of manually scanning through a 20-page black and white scanned document, you can use a few tools like windows file search or command line to search for it. Your information is on your fingertips in a matter of seconds. It can save lots of your time especially if you are dealing with lots of scanned documents in your daily job routine.

You can share this searchable pdf file with your colleagues and they can open and copy data from this file just like a from a word or excel file.

Enhance the value of your documents

If your company is in paperless office or digital archiving business, your customers can save on cost and enhance the value of their office documents by making them searchable. So the searchable PDF can help you to transform an organization into paperless office culture.
searchable PDFs can be easier to find online and in the search results. This can help you to enhance the customer experience.

Increase accessibility

A scanned document is just an image of a text document. It is inaccessible for a disabled person because the text is a graphical representation of the letters in the document rather than a searchable text. So you can't extract the words or read the document using an assistive technology software. To solve this problem you can OCR the scanned document into a searchable PDF. This Searchable PDF contains a text layer which can be accessed by any software like windows narrator.


Searchable PDFs are becoming like a standard for scanned documents. YOu can use a good searchable PDF software like OCRvision to convert scanned PDF to searchable PDF automatically.
By leveraging searchable PDFs, you can save time, increase productivity, improve your end-user experience, and increase your business over time. So consider OCRvision if you are looking for an auto ocr folder software service.


what is searchable PDF? Explained

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What is "Searchable PDF"?

OCRvision is a searchable PDF software. Using OCRvision you can convert pdf to searchable pdf. Searchable PDF conversion or convert pdf to readable text is the main functionality of any OCR software which makes your PDF document searchable when it is a scanned or image-based PDF.  PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format introduced by Adobe to represent documents in a hardware/software/OS independent manner. So, each PDF document encapsulates the information like the text, fonts, graphics, images and other information needed to display it.

 You can broadly classify PDF documents into three;

  •          Text-Based PDF
  •          Image-Based PDF
  •          Searchable PDF

Text-Based PDF

These are digitally created PDFs. We can call them “true PDFs”. Normally they are created using special software’s like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft® Word, Excel®. You can even “print” a document as a PDF file. These documents are searchable. Just like the word documents you can edit, search and delete text from these documents.

 Image-Based PDF

Image only or scanned PDF comes in the second category. These are created using scanners or digital cameras. It is basically an image embedded in a PDF document. Just like a JPEG or PNG file, they don’t have a text layer. That means you can only print them. You won’t be able to search for a text or copy text from these documents. If you are an organisation dealing with lots of scanned documents, dealing with the data locked in these documents will be a big nightmare for you. You need to do OCR and convert pdf to searchable pdf.

Searchable PDF 

Searchable PDFs are created from image-based PDFs. OCR process make pdf searchable. As discussed above, the problem with the image-based document is that there is no text layer for you to search on. To solve this problem, we use an Optical character recognition software like OCRvision. An OCR software will analyse the data in the image-based PDFs and “recognise” the text and add a text layer to the document and convert pdf to searchable pdf. This text layer is normally inviable or underneath the image. This text layer can be searched or indexed in your windows search. So, when you search for a keyword in this document, you are searching in this invisible text layer.

 You can download OCR software for free from our website.