How To Convert Scanned PDF to Searchable PDF Automatically

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Scanned PDFs are just images of text documents. A big problem with the scanned PDF is that the text content cannot be used in any efficient way. When you work with scanned digital documents, there are lots of business scenarios where you need to interact with the digital content as needed. It may be in the form of searching for a keyword or copying a specific part of the document to another file. Dealing with a large scanned PDF also means that you should be able to browse through them and locate a piece of specific information or data as you needed. In most of the cases, you don’t need the entire file content, but just a specific part of a scanned document. But the real bottleneck for this is the fact that the text in a scanned pdf is just an image. You can’t even do a simple text search as you’re used to doing with other text files with just a CTRL + F. You are forced to scroll and browse through the entire scanned PDF document for a piece information.

 How to search a scanned PDF using a Searchable PDF software

 As I explained previously a scanned PDF is just an image of a document. An OCR software uses a technology called Optical Character Recognition (commonly known as OCR) to “recognise” the text in a scanned document. OCR is a technology that helps computers to identify and extract text data from images. It uses machine learning to compare the patterns in the scanned PDFs against a pre-trained dataset. After this process the OCR software adds an invisible text layer on top of the image layer. Such softwares are called ocr software pdf convertor. This text layer will be invisible when you open the searchable PDF, but this new document produced by a pdf to ocr software is fully searchable and indexable.

How to make scanned PDF searchable using OCRvision

 OCRvision is a searchable pdf converter software that helps you to convert scanned PDFs to searchable PDF automatically, ie it is an auto searchable pdf ocr software. OCRvision has a feature called magic folder. You can configure any folder in your computer or network as a magic folder. A magic folder is like a watched folder. OCRvision searchable PDF software detects scanned PDF file in a magic folder and convert it into a searchable PDF. So, all you have to do is place your scanned PDF in your pre-configured folder. OCRvision detects the new scanned PDF and convert it into a searchable PDF. No manual button click is required. The searchable PDF OCR workflow is fully automated. OCRvision is the best OCR automation software to do searchable le PDF conversion.



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Scanned PDF is a big bottle neck when it comes to searching and indexing the text content. This problem can be solved using a good OCR pdf searchable text converter. OCRvision searchable PDF software can be used to automate this pdf to searchable pdf conversion process. OCRvision software works in the background and do the PDF OCR conversion.


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