Benefits of using searchable PDFs in the Insurance Industry

Monday, August 3, 2020

Searchable PDF software for insurance industry

Insurance companies deal with lots of image documents which can be a scanned PDF or email attachment in JPEG or PNG format. These image-based documents need to be processed and indexed on a regular basis. Traditionally insurance companies used to scan paper documents into PDF format and do manual indexing. This was done by manually tagging images with keywords in their document management system (DMS). This manual data entry was done by a person who analyses the document and manually types in keywords and creates a time-stamped folder structure. This method was highly inefficient, inconsistent, and time-consuming. This manual indexing may work for a small or medium company, but it can cause some delays in the workflow and immediate resolution of a claim for a big organization that is receiving thousands of documents daily.


How can OCRvision ocr software help to improve the productivity of an insurance company

Using a good Optical Character Recognition software , a typed or printed image is converted into a searchable text format which can be copied and indexed. In the case of OCRvision a scanned text image is converted into a searchable PDF format, i.e. an invisible text layer is added on top of the image.

OCRvision pdf ocr software has a feature called a magic folder. A magic folder is any watched OCR folder in your computer or a network location. Any scanned file in this magic folder is automatically converted into a searchable PDF. OCRvision works in the background and converts any newly added document to a searchable digital file. It does ocr files in folder by adding an invisible layer of text on top of the image file. This text layer can be searched and indexed for faster information retrieval.

So, an insurance company can automate the digital conversion of scanned PDFs to searchable PDFs using OCRvision. This batch ocr pdf will improve data visibility and increase the productivity of the employees.

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The business decision in any company is based on the information available. Insurance companies generally invest lots of money in document management systems. But without a good OCR software in place, they are not 100% utilizing the information available. Yes, I am talking about the information trapped inside scanned documents. This black box of data doesn’t have a text layer that can be indexed and searched by the search algorithm used by your document management system. So, this means you are not utilizing 100% of the information while you are making a business decision. This black box of data is a waste of resources. Although you have invested big money and time in an awesome DMS, your employees are still taking hours in manually searching for some information which can’t be found.

Using OCRvision you can convert all your scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs. OCRvision runs in the background and does the OCR conversion. An effective OCR software can improve the accuracy of predictions and business decisions. Using OCRvision, companies can convert large volumes of legacy documents into searchable PDFs. These searchable PDFs can be analyzed, and it can help the company to make faster and better decisions.



OCRvision is the best ocr software which can help insurance companies to transform their black box of scanned data into searchable information. Using OCRvsion you can do automatic searchable PDF conversion and it can improve the efficiency and the productivity of an insurance company.