Benefits of adding OCR to your document management system

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nowadays lots of organizations are moving into paperless office culture. They are scanning their old paper documents into scanned PDFs and then uploading them to their document management system. It is very important to add OCR functionality to your DMS. It is very difficult to search in a scanned PDF without OCR conversion. OCR software can help you to convert your scanned PDFs to searchable PDFs. Optical character recognition is a technology that helps a computer to recognize the text in a scanned or other image-based documents. An OCR PDF software adds an extra text layer to the scanned PDF. This text layer can be searched for keywords or it can be indexed by the DMS. When you have thousands of scanned documents, it is very difficult to do a manual OCR conversion. You should use batch OCR software or an auto OCR tool. An auto OCR software can run in the background and automate the scanned PDF to searchable PDF OCR conversion.