Thursday, March 19, 2020

Medical and health care professionals all over the world receive hundreds of scanned documents every day. These documents come from different sources like medical reports, test results from the laboratory, medical claims, and other patient correspondence. Unfortunately, there is no Ctrl+F or cmd+F functionality available to these documents. They are plain images or images embedded in PDF. Since these documents are unsearchable, if a medical staff wants to provide a piece of information, they must read through the scanned medical documents page by page and find the piece of information. Sometimes it can be tedious and frustrating. As an organization, you may have a very good document management system that has an excellent search functionality with document indexing and all, but your scanned documents are still not visible to this document search algorithm.

Patient Medical Record

So, you have a problem here which is affecting the efficiency of your document data retrieval. How do you solve this very common problem? The solution to this is the technology called “Optical character recognition” or OCR.  A good OCR software recognises the text in a scanned image and converts it into a searchable PDF. So, in simple terms, OCR is the conversion of a photo of a text (Eg:- scanned file)  into machine-encoded text, (Searchable PDF). Check this blog post if you want to know more about searchable PDFs.

How can OCRvision PDF OCR software help an organization in the medical industry?

OCRvision is an OCR software with multilanguage support. OCRvision runs in the background and converts any scanned documents to searchable PDFs. So, our OCR software helps you to auto-OCR and batch convert your scanned files to searchable digital files.

So by applying OCR, your printed documents can be stored as searchable files. If you have an existing patient data management software, these searchable PDFs can be linked to the EHR or electronic patient health record. So after this process, the document can easily be accessed at any time via keywords. You can even create a medical archive of scanned patient data with a searchable index. Another improvement is the way you electronically exchange the document. When you send a searchable PDF as an email attachment, the text layer in that OCR PDF is searchable in the receiver’s mailbox.  The main and significant difference before and after searchable PDF conversion is that 100% of your patient information is now visible after searchable PDF conversion.


In the medical and healthcare industry, it is a good practice to download the best OCR software and convert all your scanned documents to searchable PDFs. OCR automation using an OCR PDF software can significantly improve the performance of your team and patient data retrieval.


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