Thursday, January 30, 2020

OCR automation

A watched folder OCR is an OCR software program or service that runs in the background and monitors a folder and does searchable PDF OCR conversion. Whenever a new scanned PDF is added to this folder, the OCR software automatically converts this scanned PDF to a searchable PDF without any manual intervention.

Many organizations have heaps of scanned documents on their computers, and they want to batch OCR folders and convert them to searchable PDFs. If you take any OCR software in the market, it only allows you to manually OCR a scanned document, or you must pay a premium fee to get this OCR folder feature. But with OCRvision you can add an OCR folder watch otherwise known as a "magic folder", which allows you to OCR the entire folder.


How to do automatic batch OCR on multiple files in a folder? 

You can do automatic batch OCR on multiple scanned PDFs in a folder using OCRvision. All you have to do is;

  1. Open up the OCRVision user interface.
  2. Click on the add folder  button and select the batch OCR folder.

You can add any folder on your computer as an OCR folder.  You can OCR the entire folder or you can configure it to include the subfolders as well.   

 OCRVision user interface

 Fig1: OCRvision User Interface

After these two steps, you are all set for the OCR folder watch. OCRvision software now runs in the background and listens to the configured folder in step 2 for any new files. If the new file is a scanned PDF, OCRvision will automatically do the searchable PDF conversion. 

OCRvision offers offline OCR service. That means when this OCR software does the searcchble PDF conversion , it is not connecting to any cloud-based service or external APIs. It is an on-prem OCR software. So, if you want to do batch OCR pdf, OCRvision is the answer.