Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nowadays lots of organisations are encouraging the concept of a paperless office. They are scanning their old paper documents into scanned pdf or scanned image format and uploading to their new digital system. Once the paper documents and records are scanned and transferred to their new DMS or ECM systems, these organisations face a very common problem. 

pile of scanned documents

Now they are ended up with thousands of image or scanned PDF files which take up lots of digital storage space, these new documents can’t be searched, or they don’t allow copying of text. The information trapped in these digital systems is like a big unknown black box. How can they solve this new problem in data discovery? The magic word for the solution is “OCR” or optical character recognition. Install an OCR PDF software and apply OCR on the files in your document management system.  OCR software converts your scanned documents to a searchable digital format. His new digital format is called “Searchable PDF”. Searchable PDF is an enhanced version of your scanned PDF.

OCRvision OCR software flow diagram

Diagram : How optical character recognition works with OCRvision OCR software

good OCR software like OCRvision runs OCR against the scanned file, detect and recognize the text content, add a hidden text layer on top of the scanned image. This image and hidden text layer are merged together to form a “sandwich PDF” file otherwise commonly known as a searchable PDF. So, by applying this searchable PDF conversion to the scanned files in your document management system, you are making them searchable. Now it is easy to search through the scanned files to find the one document you need and then search within the scanned document itself. After applying OCR and converting scanned files into text content, you may also notice that it is much easier to copy a block of text from this new searchable PDF.

PDF OCR SOftware: How can I add OCR functionality to my document management system?

One of our OCR software users, “ACME Inc” (not the real name) has more than 5 years of scanned contract documents in their DMS and sometimes they want these contracts to be amended and re-signed. Previously they have employed casual workers to re-type the entire contract again by looking into the printout of scanned documents. With our OCR software, they automated the conversion of old scanned contracts. After OCR, they can copy and paste the text from the searchable PDFs and create new updated contracts without having to re-type all text content.

So if you want to add OCR functionality to your DMS, install OCRvision in the machine and configure your documents folder as a magic folder. OCRvision will run in the background and automatically convert all scanned documents to searchable PDFs. Please download the best OCR software like OCRvision and unleash the power of OCR automation into your organisation.