Automatic OCR: How To Convert Scanned PDF to Searchable PDF Automatically?

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Scanning paper documents and OCR converting those scanned files into searchable PDFs are very crucial in the digital transformation of an organization. Manual OCR conversion is not practical when you have thousands of scanned files. It is very important to batch Process the scanned PDF using PDF OCR software. Our OCR software solution for windows can help an organization automate this OCR conversion. OCRvision is a multi-language OCR software that runs as a system tray windows service and does the OCR conversion of scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs. Our OCR converter software can monitor a folder and do the searchable PDF OCR conversion of newly scanned PDFs. You can create an OCR automation workflow with a couple of button clicks. OCRvision runs in the background and converts scanned PDF to searchable PDF automatically.

Benefits of adding OCR to your document management system

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nowadays lots of organizations are moving into paperless office culture. They are scanning their old paper documents into scanned PDFs and then uploading them to their document management system. It is very important to add OCR functionality to your DMS. It is very difficult to search in a scanned PDF without OCR conversion. OCR software can help you to convert your scanned PDFs to searchable PDFs. Optical character recognition is a technology that helps a computer to recognize the text in a scanned or other image-based documents. An OCR PDF software adds an extra text layer to the scanned PDF. This text layer can be searched for keywords or it can be indexed by the DMS. When you have thousands of scanned documents, it is very difficult to do a manual OCR conversion. You should use batch OCR software or an auto OCR tool. An auto OCR software can run in the background and automate the scanned PDF to searchable PDF OCR conversion.

What is a watched folder OCR? How to do automatic batch OCR on multiple files in a folder?

Thursday, January 30, 2020

A watched folder OCR software is an OCR software that can run in the background like an automated OCR service and listens to a folder or multiple folders for newly scanned documents. Whenever this OCR program detects a newly scanned document, it automatically OCR and converts this scanned document into a searchable PDF file. You can do automatic OCR on multiple scanned PDFs in a folder using our OCR software. OCRvision is a searchable PDF OCR software that runs in the windows background and auto OCR any scanned PDF documents into searchable PDFs. You can create a watched folder OCR service with a couple of button clicks. You don't have to do any manual OCR button click. Our OCR software runs as an OCR automation service. All you have to do is configure any folder in your computer as an OCR folder via our user interface. Our OCR software automatically picks up new scanned PDFs and convert them into searchable PDFs.