Optical character recognition (OCR) software: Benefits of using searchable PDFs in the insurance industry

Monday, August 3, 2020

Optical Character Recognition is the digital conversion of scanned and other image-based documents to searchable PDFs. The insurance industry deals with lots of paper documents, especially in claims management. Without an OCR converter application, insurance companies have to scan paper documents into PDF format and then do manual indexing. This is not a very efficient way of dealing with scanned documents. In the OCR process, OCR software detects the text content of a scanned document and adds this text data as an invisible text layer. OCR conversion of scanned PDFs to text-searchable PDFs is beneficial for an insurance company in improving productivity and cost-efficiency. OCR enables the organization to search and index the text content of scanned files with a quick keyword search. It eliminates the mistakes and significantly reduces the total time in searching for a piece of information.